Solidarity Among Chaos

Saturday, 15 February

Solidarity Among Chaos

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Discussion/ Meet up/ local action activation : Connecting activists and people who are socially engaged so that local action projects can be developed and collective groups can grow/ cross support.

Open to the public

“Solidarity amidst chaos”.
How can we stand in solidarity in the chaotic times we live in? How do we counter the surge of racism that presented itself amidst Brexit and the Corona Virus?
To bring people together so that collective action can be organised. To discuss how we can stand in solidarity to counter racism, discrimination, inequality. We stand in a difficult crossroad now that presents a future full of uncertainty and perhaps eventually, chaos. Alternative living like eco-villages that counters capitalism (and overconsumption that destroys nature, exploits resources) seem too much like an ideal or too faraway for many and we experience a stuck-ness in this system as we struggle to change our lifestyles. We have too little time and not enough action. But what can we do collectively, together, now, that is manageable, that activates people, that can counter some of the violence that is present in our society?

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Saturday, 15 February, 2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


  • discussion/presentation


  • solidarity
  • chaos
  • activism
  • grassroots
  • local
  • Action


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Common House
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The Common House is an experiment in building a commons – by which we mean a resource that is organised and structured by our collective activity as a community and not by money or property rights. We always want new groups and people to get involved in running the space.


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