Tai Chi Class

Tuesday 13 March

Tai Chi Class

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Tai Chi Class:
6.30pm – 8pm
Teacher: Mania Oikonomou
In most martial arts the ultimate goal is to create a bond between the body and the mind. One of tai chi´s most important benefits is the enhancement of one’s sense of balance. Contemporary societies encourage a disconnection from the body, engaging and challenging mostly our minds. The body is left behind trapped in awkward positions that ultimately cause a lot of problems and pain. Along with the fact that western cities push us often to perceive ourselves as inadequate and powerless, the outcome is a feeling of being less whole and more importantly less in control. Tai chi reverses all that. Through movement we become more aware of the breath and how it is rooted in the body. This happens as we experiment with balance which in itself is an ever changing dynamic.
After hundreds of years of evolution, the forms seem perfected and finite. However this is far form the truth because this is a practice in constant motion. Everyone who starts practising Tai Chi in a way creates their own version of it because each person’s body and intellect are different hence the movement is interpreted and experienced in a unique way.
I learned tai chi in Greece where I practised 12 years with my teacher Petros Kouropoulos who in his turn was taught the forms in China. Our style is called Yang where all the forms include positions that originate from combat Tai Chi and Kung Fu. However there is no physical contact with others in our practice. We learn how to increase our strength and eventually become more focused and in control of our bodies. The ultimate goal is to achieve a higher level of co-ordination of body and mind and teach ourselves to move in a balanced and effortless way. The classes include warming up, chi kung exercises and practising the forms. This is an all-inclusive class where all ages, genders, ethnicities and levels of knowledge in tai chi are welcome. In our class we will attempt to be together as well as radically alone, in balance and strength. In case of any disability or mobility impairment come over to discuss our options and how the exercises can be accordingly modified.
The class will last an hour and a half and a suggested donation of between £3 – £12  (whatever each can afford) would be welcome.
If you have any questions, please contant Mania on:

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Tuesday, 13 March, 2018 - 07:15 to 21:15


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Common House
Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens Bethnal Green
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United Kingdom


Venue is accessible but not accessible toilet.

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