Monty Pagan and Venus Hill

Friday, 10 November

Monty Pagan and Venus Hill

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Come and see two of the most exciting and entertaining bands on the Dutch circuit! Folk-rock and cabaret by Monty Pagan and Ska Crossover with Venus Hill

Ken Parsons on lead vocals, guitar and celtic harp is joined by Mick de Neeve on cello and vocals - the two have played for years on the circuit in Amsterdam and have a wild and eclectic range of songs, covers (both well known and obscure) and original songs.

Jurgen Houwers on violin and flute. Jurgen is an accomplished professional musician and is also a great fan of cabaret so a great new addition to the band

Rosy de Blecourt joins in on harp, saxophone and velvet smooth backing vocals and Nino Munzer makes his debut gig- a real ace in the pack drummer

You can expect kicking dance ditties and exquisitely structured ballads

Mad stories, poems, choice covers, parodies and comedy is all in the mix.

Group tickets of 5 tickets available- 7 Euro per person   8 regular 10 on the door 

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Friday, 10 November, 2023 - 20:45


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  • Folk rock and ska. Two great local bands


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De Nieuwe Anita
Frederik Hendrikstraat 111
1052HN Amsterdam


Former squat, now legalised

An underground agency for music, poetry, comedy, spoken word. 30 year track record. International and autonomous.


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Varied at Various locations in Amsterdam and Berlin