Monty Pagan live

Thursday, 12 October

Monty Pagan live

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Ken Parsons on lead vocals, guitar and celtic harp is joined by Mick de Neeve on cello and vocals - the two have played for years on the circuit in Amsterdam and have a wild and eclectic range of songs, covers (both well known and obscure) and original songs.

Jurgen Houwers on violin and flute. Jurgen is an accomplished professional musician and is also a great fan of cabaret so a great new addition to the band

Rosy de Blecourt joins in on harp, saxophone and velvet smooth backing vocals and Nino Munzer makes his debut gig- a real ace in the pack drummer

You can expect kicking dance ditties and exquisitely structured ballads

Mad stories, poems, choice covers, parodies and comedy is all in the mix

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Thursday, 12 October, 2023 - 20:00


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  • Monty Pagan with a drummer. Free


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Cafe Soundgarden

An underground agency for music, poetry, comedy, spoken word. 30 year track record. International and autonomous.


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Varied at Various locations in Amsterdam and Berlin