Mielenosoitus ja muistotilaisuus: Ikuinen elämä Makamikille, ei natseja mihinkään!

Saturday, 4 March

Demonstration and memorial: Eternal life to Makamik, no Nazis anywhere!

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Saturday 4.3
Demonstration in Dallapénpuisto at. 15:00, departure 15:30
Memorial service in the courtyard of Makamik-house at 17:00

We will march together from Dallapénpuisto towards the Makamik-house and end the march with a memorial ceremony in its courtyard. The dress code is black plus orange with a covered face. We hope the procession will have a calm and respectful atmosphere, and ask everyone to bring a funeral candle if possible. Anti-fascist banners, signs and flags are warmly welcomed, but please leave party and organisation symbols and national flags out of the procession.

At the memorial ceremony, we will light candles at our beloved cultural centre, and in the familiar Makamiki style, we will have dinner together. All acoustic musical performances and speeches are very welcome. There is also a photo exhibition of Makamik's past years and beloved moments in the courtyard of the house. We also warmly invite you to send us any photographs you have of the house and its events over the years for display. We will remove any elements that might identify the people in the photos.

The fire at Makamik-house was a painful loss. Within its walls, for almost ten years, we were able to enjoy and organise heartfelt events. The squatters who fought the eviction at the time, the many and varied organisers who followed them, and of course the countless visitors, supporters, friends and comrades built a beautiful history for Makamik with their immense collective strength. The Nazi movement causes material destruction, but our collective power for a better world is unstoppable.

At the memorial ceremony, there will be an opportunity to donate a few pennies in cash to support the reformation of the Makamik-collective. But first and foremost, we hope for a multi-faceted anti-fascist action in solidarity to ensure that the Makamik-house remains the last victim of the militant Nazi movement. Together we are stronger!

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Saturday, 4 March, 2023 - 15:00

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Jyrängöntie 1, Kumpula


The house is located towards east from Botanic Garden, to the direction of Arabia, in the hill of Kumpula University campus.


Former squat, now legalised

Originally squatted and since legalized Makamik is an anarchist and antiauthoritarian social center and space for free art. Makamik's organizing is based on anticapitalism and safer space principles.


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