Glasgow Govanhill Food Not Bombs

Saturday, 27 July

Glasgow Govanhill Food Not Bombs

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We are a group of activists who provide free food as a protest against inequality, poverty, war and injustice. Food Not Bombs is an anti-capitalist mutual aid group with chapters all over the world. We believe in building strong communities and helping one another. We also believe food should be free and accessible for everyone.

In a society that puts profit over people, huge amounts of resources go to waste. While millions go hungry, landfills are piled high with perfectly edible food.

The bulk of our meals are made from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away, for example products that have passed their sell by date, or bruised fruits and veggies.

We know there’s enough food for everyone, and we can prove it.

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Saturday, 27 July, 2024 - 12:30


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Food Not Bombs stand, Govanhill
Opposite Bank of Scotland
464 Victoria Road
G42 8PB
United Kingdom

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