Thursday, 15 February

Call to demonstrate against the anti squat law, against the war of the poor

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On 3rd November 2017, a squat on Stapelplein in Gent was attacked. A family with young kids was living in a house, not to have to sleep in the park as they did before. A group assaulted them with sticks and fireworks. This was an act of racially motivated hatred against Roma. This hatred is fueled by a media campaign, spreading a lie from the owner. The house was left empty, and later nobody was living there.

On 26th November, a racist demonstration walked through Gent. In their own words, the mob took the streets "against injustice", "against politics". Slogans anti Roma were screamed during hours. In the red light district, sex workers were insulted. Homeless people at the Baudelopark shelter were also intimidated. This orgy of racism, misogyny, hatred towards the poor went on without meeting any resistance. Het Laatste Nieuws only titled a "demonstration against injustice" on their website.

We are angry. Not only because of the attack and racist demonstrations but also against politicians, from the right to the left, who are contributing for years to various campaigns bashing Roma, the squatter and the poor, while their own policies led to housing shortage, rent increase. Termont, Gent's mayor, has even exaggerated one incident to push a squat ban and is for years full on against the Roma community in the city. We are also angry to the media spreading made up stories, worsening even more the situation.

We are taking the streets. Because we are fed up to see all the time the same people in need suffering, Roma, squatters, homeless and undocumented people. Those who can't afford to pay a rent and are squatting empty buildings to avoid sleeping in the street deserve our solidarity. Like them, we don't want to wait and watch what comes up.

Let's make ourselves heard: it's time to hit back to the top, not to the bottom.

Thursday 15th february 2018 - 19:00 - BLANDIJNBERG - GENT

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Thursday, 15 February, 2018 - 19:00


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Wij zijn een groep mensen uit Gent en omstreken die begaan zijn met solidariteit. Na de aanval op een kraakpand en de daaropvolgende racistische betoging hadden we het helemaal gehad. We besloten een betoging te organiseren.


  • action/protest/camp