Discussion Night #2

Tuesday, 18 October

Discussion Night #2

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Feminism and mental health

Location: Mama Cash, Eerste Helmersstraat 17, Amsterdam
Time: 19.30-22.00
Drinks/snacks: please bring your own

In the upcoming meeting, we will be discussing feminism and mental health. In what ways can feminism contribute to your mental health? How can people who struggle with their mental health be supported by feminists? How can our group be (more) inclusive? In what ways do sexism, racism and other –isms play a role in mental health issues?

We have selected the following sources, please try to read/watch at least one of these sources, as they can foster a good discussion:

Brown girls don’t get eating-disorders
There are quite some articles and books that deal with feminism and eating disorders. Does our sexist society cause eating disorders? Does the objectifying of women and the way they are portrayed in the media contribute to eating disorders?
This article shines another light on mental illness and feminism. The writer of this piece point out how PoC are very much underrepresented when it comes to eating disorders.

Ableist Language
“You are such a moron!”, “Look at all those anorexic model chicks...”, “He acts like a total schizo.”
A lot of words that are used without thinking twice, refer to mental illnesses. This articles argues that ableist language matters, and explains why.


Mental Health and Gender
A clip by Kati Morton and Hannah Hart on mental health and gender. There are a lot of stereotypes and presumptions about mental health and how it relates to gender. (7:53)

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Tuesday, 18 October, 2016 - 19:30


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