1MAY MAYDAY - transnational global action day

Friday, 1 May

1MAY MAYDAY - transnational global action day

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May 1st is coming – Call for actions

Get out your portable radios, pull out your speakers, dust off your old walkman, or get a mobile sound system for the streets, because:

Coview.Cat calling: Out on May 1st – visible and loud!

Info event in before: https://radar.squat.net/en/event/coview/2020-04-29/infoevent-come-out-1s...

In the meeting we give an update about the planed Actions for MAY 1st. We share infos on how people can participate. Its also a space to exchange and fot others to tell about there plans & ideas.


Despite the prohibitions and restrictions that exist in many places around the world, we will go out into the public space, as is fitting for May 1st. And we call upon you to do the same! The safety and health of everyone involved are very important to us. Pay attention to the safety distance, live your actions, and social contacts in a way that you do not endanger others. Not because it is the government’s requirement, but because it is about consideration and solidarity with risk groups. Take care of yourself and your surroundings!

So it is important that we are loud and visible despite the safety distance. Take your protest into the public space. Show publicly that we do not agree with a policy that leaves those most affected by the crisis behind. Show that we do not simply stand by and watch the economy and politics revive the broken patriarchal capitalist system. Shows that we do not accept a surveillance state, that we leave no one behind, that we are in solidarity!

For the 1st of May this means:
We walk through our cities and towns with signs, carrying boxes through the streets, placing them on our windowsills. We take a political bicycle ride, hang banners from our windows, into the public space. We make empty space and resources available to others. We paint, shout, dance, sing. We refer to other actions, we thematize precarious and atypical or undocumented work relationships, unemployment, labor struggles, struggles around housing. We are visible, loud when necessary, and in solidarity!

We use connecting hashtags: #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #precarity

And why the radios?
Our action is transnational. Three independent radios produce a joint program, in English, for May 1st. We use this broadcast as an opportunity to bring the content into the public space.

More details will follow soon.

The radio show is to be heard everywhere. Everywhere where people spend May 1st politically, whether in the park, participating in an action, or in their own shared flat – we call on people to turn on their radios and speakers and give space to critical voices. Let us make them heard and resist the anti-democratic developments!

Make space for your message – bringing political issues into the public space remains important! No emergency measures should be allowed to prevent this! Only if many acts in solidarity can we prevent a massive erosion of fundamental rights!

Therefore: Organize, think about how and where you can get involved on May 1st!

Additional information, action ideas, and more will come in the next days!

The safety and health of all participants are very important to us. Take care of yourself and your surroundings! It’s not about ignoring the dangers of the virus, but about pointing out the dangers that people are always exposed to, and since the outbreak of the virus even more so.

Contact: coview@riseup.net

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Friday, 1 May, 2020 (All day)

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Eine Initiative um auf die politischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen von COVID-19 und die begleitenden Maßnahmen zu reagieren – digital und vor Ort.

An initiative to respond to the political and social impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying measures – digitally and on site.


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