The power of self-discipline in police encounters (online)

Monday, 18 July

The power of self-discipline in police encounters (online)

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In these collaborative classes, we will dive into yoga and its usefulness against stop and search procedures used by the police

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About this event: Disciplinary power reaches to every extent of society, not only criminals but everyone is affected by it. The only way to truly know your rights regarding the law is to know who you are and how you interact with the threat of power.

Yoga itself speaks a lot of who we are not only on the mat but off the mat too. In this series of events, Yogi Marlon will explore and demonstrate how Yoga and mindfulness practices can be an added benefit in your life.

What to expect
From practical movement and breathwork to philosophical discourse and conversation, the collaborative classes held over a 6-week period will focus on the useful responsibilities that we have in relation to police authority. Please join the Yogi for this informative presentation and peace-filled meditation.
Week 1

Developing consists of movement practice
How we form our movement from ‘Birth’ to ‘Now’
How we develop tension and how to release these areas

Week 2

From emotional wellbeing to mental clarity
The things we tell ourselves
Establishing the heart and brain connection

Week 3

Sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
Reaction vs action
Go through reflexed stages, flexed and relaxed stages

Week 4

Awareness of self: Interactions with the systems you are a part of
How interacting is imperative
Creating community in forms of purpose

Week 5

Develop confidence in postures and stillness
How to find stability in postures
Yin Yoga and the original meaning to Asana

Week 6

Carrying yourself with clarity
How to remain aligned and focused through trial and tribulation
Chakra health

Event Details
Attend 6 consecutive Wednesdays from March or Mondays from July for the most value or simply pick the week or weeks that interest you the most.
Session Time: 6:00 pm Session length: 60 minutes
March: Wednesday 23, 30 April: Wednesday 06, 13, 20, 27
OR July: Monday 4, 11, 18, 25 August: Monday 1, 8

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Date & Time: 

Monday, 18 July, 2022 - 18:00 to 19:00