Corteo in difesa di XM24

Saturday, 29 June

Demo in support of XM24

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They want to evict Xm24, a self-organized public space that since more than 17 years builds social relations through political, artistic and cultural experimentation in Bolognina.
A Place that is daily experienced by hundreds of people because of its political values, its laboratories, many free desks and cultural underground suggestions.
A Place that defends the idea of a different way of life, where there is an horizontal approach to make decisions, where there are no hierarchies because people work together in the flow of self-organization.
It’s the final showdown. Now is the very moment to protect all this meaningful experience and pick a side: on the side of the choking Nothing, to which they want us to get used, or on the side of self-management.We made our choice. this is why on 29th of June we will take to the streets of Bologna, against the spreading Nothing.

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Saturday, 29 June, 2019 - 16:00 to 22:00

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  • national callout


  • action/protest/camp


Piazza XX settembre

XM24 non si delocalizza, per una Bolognina libera. Basta speculare sul nostro quartiere!



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