Demonstration "Der Preis ist heiß! Nicht fordern, kämpfen!"

Saturday, 4 February

Demonstration "The price is hot! Don't demand, fight!"

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🤜 Inflation & high prices, speculation & gentrification, extractivism & environmental destruction, exploitation & social control, war propaganda, surveillance & technology war. While in other countries it is crunching and banging on every corner, it's still a creeping crisis in many Western metropolises. Because so far the rulers in capitalism still find outlets and possibilities so that the big bang doesn't happen so quickly here.

But we have had enough of the overall shit! Let's fight against it together!

After the demo: Eating and exchange together - Vokü and Solibar at New Yorck Bethanien.

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Saturday, 4 February, 2023 - 17:00


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10967 Berlin


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