Greek Lesson

Thursday 1 March

Greek Lesson

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We present the next important step for internationals to get more involved with the movement. Despite the importance we give to the characteristics of each culture in a multinational community, we understood by experience that learning the basic of the local language of the place where you are struggling is a key element for the people to get involved in the activities of the movement.

Learning a language also helps to share diverse experiences and knowledge, a gain for the evolution of the fields of struggle. For this we are starting the Greek self-education classes.

We struggle to make the movement multicultured and multicolored by setting the infrastructure and resources for comrades who can’t or won’t fight in their countries for many reasons, and see us as a true international place of fight.

We are focusing on long-term projects and organization in order to create stable and solid bases for upcoming social interactions. But at the same time that we are creating conditions for the future, we are promoting and applying our personal insurrection in the present.

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Thursday, 1 March, 2018 - 18:30


  • course/workshop
Rosa de Foc
Ashmakh Fwthla 18 - Ασημάκη Φωτήλα 18, Exarchia


Presently squatted

We are an autonomus, self-managed collective based on libertarian and anti-authoritarian principles. We are living on Ashmakh Fwthla 18 in Exarcheia. We come from several countries, including Greece.


  • discussion/presentation / food / meeting

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Tuesday, 18:30 Greek Lesson
Wednesday, 18:30 Spanish
Thursday, 18:30 Greek Lesson
Sunday, 15:00-18:00  Collective Kitchen
Sunday, 18:00  Kurdish Lesson