Zápas o budúcnosť v Chile

Thursday, 28 November

FIght for the future in Chile

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There have been mass demonstrations taking place in Chile for several weeks. Their initial trigger was a seemingly banal increase in the price of metro tickets in the capital. Gradually, more and more people began to join the students, who were most affected by the price increase, and the increasing number of protests began to confront a range of many injustices in society. People in Chile have been protesting against social inequality and for a change in the country's constitution, that has been in force since Pinochet's fascist dictatorship.

The current situation, its causes, the political context, as well as the possible direction of current social struggles (not only) in Chile will be discussed by:

Loreta Neira Ocampo / Musician and independent music journalist, born in Santiago de Chile.
Victor / Teacher and political activist who grew up in Chile. He participated in organizing political protests and with his friends organized demonstrations, wrote music, played theater, and helped the most vulnerable social groups.
Marco Yaňez / In 1973, at the age of 10 he witnessed the military coup in Chile. In 1976 he emigrated with his parents from the country. Since 2000 he has been living with his family in Slovakia.
Petr Jedlička / A journalist from the Czech newspaper Denik Referendum

Entry fee is voluntary. Beneficial merch or food will be available at the event, the proceeds of which will go to anti-fascist activities. After the discussion, there will be a concert of the legendary anti-fascist band Los Fastidios /IT/, Box + diskusia Zápas o budúcnosť v Chile (entry fee: 12 euros).

The discussion will be in English, translation to Slovak will be provided.

Kulturák klub
Bazová 9, Bratislava
17.30 hod.

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Thursday, 28 November, 2019 - 17:30


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Kulturák klub
Bazová 9

„Stavíme se proti byrokratickému systému s centralizovanou mocí, který je sociálně nespravedlivý a dlouhodobě neudržitelný, bez ohledu na to, zda funguje ve státech kapitalistických nebo tzv. socialistických.


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