Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair 2023

Saturday, 13 May

Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair 2023

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As with the Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair last year we have some great stalls planned from around the region and nationwide. Offering a wide array of books, items, advice, history and skills.

Active Distribution
AK Press
Anarchist Federation
The Battle of Stockton Campaign
Borderline Books
Communist Workers' Organisation (CWO)
Dog Section Press
Earth First!
Newcastle SolFed
North East Anarchist Group
North East Hunt Monitors
Northumbria IWW
PM Press
Radical Poster Collective / Pirate Press
Sign It Hear
Tyneside Anarchist Archive


For 2023 we want to have an emphasis on the practical - as the state tries to squeeze more out of the working class we want to share skills and advice to fight back

DOPE Magazine: Free quarterly newspaper distributed to homeless people nationwide, discussing how to set-up in your area. https://www.patre;
Food & Solidarity. A member-led organisation for low/no to moderate income people – utilising direct action in the West End of Newcastle and beyond.
The Freedom Programme: A domestic violence programme giving information to victims of domestic violence.
Keeping Families in the Movement: Kids' Space - Outdoor Crafts. The return of the popular kids' space, this time bringing you outdoor crafts (weather permitting)
Sign It Hear: Bringing deaf awareness to the forefront with BSL courses and community outreach
Undercover Research Group: Investigating political policing and spying on activists.


With our principles of offering a whole day of entertainment we have 2 different sets prepared for 2023; the first an acoustic set in the acoustically treated Cinema Space.The 2nd set in the evening on the stage in the main hall. Along with pre-recorded music throughout the day via the wonderful Star and Shadow Radio
Acoustic Set - Cinema Space
Georgia May: Soulful vocals from the North-East's very own. Heavily influenced by 90s hip-hop, R&B and acoustic soul. Hersoothing timbres offer a captivating experience.
Colly Metcalfe: a Deaf Performer, Colly performs her pieces using a mix of spoken English, performance BSL, music and sound.
Stage Set - Main Hall
The Coyote Men: A wrestling mask donning self described "trash garage rock n roll band" from the North-East.
Slalom D: Rhythmic, catchy, with a contemporary political edge and a passionate lyrical stance that, true to its North-East roots, agitates and unsettles. Prepare for accessible discordance.
Star and Shadow Radio
Ewan Brown: A collection of Ewan Brown's music; scaling genres such as acoustic folk, blues and chiptune.

Film & Art

Ewan Brown Film Collection. A collection of Ewan Brown's filmography including 'No Pasaran' - Resisting Neo Nazis in Magdeburg & 'Gentle World' - footage from an intentional community.
No Pasaran, Ewan Brown, UK, 15m / Gentle World, Ewan Brown, UK, 32m
The Big Meeting. Documentary about Durham Miners’ Gala, an annual celebration of working-class politics and culture, attracting 200,000 people. The Big Meeting (2019), Daniel Draper, UK, 1hr 31m
Battle of Stockton. This local documentary portrays a little-known 1933 protest which saw British Union of Fascists chased out of Stockton-on-Tees. Battle of Stockton (2021), Dan Smith, UK, PG, 28m

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Saturday, 13 May, 2023 (All day)

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Star and Shadow Cinema
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Star & Shadow Cinema is more than a cinema. It is an alternative social, cultural, arts and community hub run by a collective of volunteers.


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A bookfair that is run at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in memory of our comrade and friend, Ewan Brown. Want to get involved? Contact us here:


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