Workshop "Let's talk about sex"

Sunday, 6 January

Workshop "Lets talk about sex"

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How does our communication about sexuality looks like? What about our own sexual needs, wishes and doubts? What helps to communicate them without crossing borders of others? In this workshop we try to find different ways of communications about sexual topics. Subjects will be the difficulties of acknwoledging, naming and acting in regard of our sexual wishes, needs, borders and doubts.All this in relation towards ourselves, partners, family, friends or other people. We will exchange our experiences and try to share tips and tricks of about how one can communicate clearly and sensitively about ones own and other peoples sexlives.We'll also discuss the political impact of our "romantic", sexual and platonic relationships and the fun, lust and difficulties that we discover within dayin dayout. There shall be room to find ways to learn talking about things that one finds difficult. Your own borders shall at all times be preserved. Come!  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 6. Januar 2019Open from 13:00 Uhr, arriving until 14:00 Uhr, then we'll start together. Where?:Babstan-Gleis 1Riedmattstrasse 96030 Ebikon Duration: approx 3-4h The workshop is prepared in german. In case you need a translation or have other questions, let us know! Write to The room is wheelchair accessible and open to all gender.

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Sunday, 6 January, 2019 - 13:00


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Babstan-Gleis 1 Riedmattstrasse 9
6030 Ebikon

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