Max/MSP and audio/visuals coding meetup

Thursday, 9 November

Max/MSP and audio/visuals coding meetup

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On *Thursday* 9 November from 19:00 till 22:00 there is a meetup in the Vondelbunker, where audio and video nerds can meet, discuss and present their experiments with digital audio and video synthesis and digital signal processing with Max/MSP, jitter, TouchDesigner, C++, supercollider, programmable devices such as the Daisy etc. Some uses are, for example, advanced sequencing, weird additive synthesis, granular synthesis madness, and FFT manipulations.

Even if you have no prior experience with such technologies you are welcome to join and absorb the knowledge that is being shared. If you made something interesting, we have a screen, a projector and PA speakers so you can showcase your creations. We will also set up a table and chairs in the middle of the bunker so you can bring your laptop to work independently on your experiments and ask questions and assistance.

We are looking forward to gathering a nice group and possibly having this meetup on an approximately bi or tri-weekly basis.


This time we will have special presentations by Nikola H. Mounoud and Mei Zhiyong. They also have gigs at the Vondelbunker this Friday evening.


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Behind the soundless moniker • • • hide's citizen Nikola H. Mounoud whom is now close to two decades of research and actions in the field of live sound making, he processes in real time analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks in order to produce unique, powerful and highly dynamic sound live performances where irresponsible sounds, unexpected dense sonic blasts, sharp textures, complete non-sense and deep irrationality meets to allow both the audience and the performer to absorb an unleashed raw beauty of frequencies wrath. He work with a laptop using a custom made
software based on MAX/MSP as well as an analog mixer. His live
performance has also a specificity to always be tailored for every
events and so to adapt to almost any conditions available. Overtime he became skillful at using the most of what a sound system and acoustic of each room has to offer.



Mei Zhiyong is one of the most active Harsh Noise artists in China. He creates unique noise effects by making a large number of noise
generators and modifying industrial instruments. His noise works are known for their exaggerated, dangerous, and extreme characteristics. His live performances are full of physical language and tense atmosphere, bringing audiences a shocking audio-visual experience. Since 2007, Mei Zhiyong has performed in more than 400 shows in mainland China, Japan, neighboring countries, Europe, and other countries, and has released over 40 solo albums and collaborative albums with different artists. He is the founder of the earliest tape label in China, Fuzztape, and initiated China's largest noise art festival, A Bunch of Noise, in 2023, planning to hold it every year. He is also one of the most active noise event organizers in China, organizing China tours for experimental noiseart festivals in multiple countries.
In addition to exploring noise creation, Mei Zhiyong attempts to explore the relationship between life and death and the relationship between noise and nature. His works express the pursuit of vitality and energy, and his noise works challenge traditional art as an extreme, unconventional, and avant- garde art form aimed at exploring and expressing the diversity and complexity of the world. As a mechanical engineer, he also runs a machine factory specializing in producing industrial equipment. He uses the machinery and some special instruments in the factory to initiate a project called "fuzzbox", inviting other artists to reside in his factory and explore the fusion of industrial production and noise art through


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Thursday, 9 November, 2023 - 19:00


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