Earthing During Corona [88.3FM & ONLINE]

Friday, 24 July

Earthing During Corona [88.3FM & ONLINE]

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Get down to Earth with Tanya and two Amsterdam-based guests: artist Masha Ru (NL/RU) and artistic collaborator & storyteller Elvira Semmoh (NL/SR).

Our commune will surround Mama Baranka (Mother Earth) of the Vondel Park, corona-in-Amsterdam, eating Earth, and Earthing.

Perhaps, we will wonder about how, where and why to connect with the Earth?


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I so much hope you're not feeling isolated but feeling the soul in your sole and your soul with the ground.

Tanya xx

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Friday, 24 July, 2020 - 17:00 to 19:00


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As humans, Virginia, Kim and Tanya look at their own privelige to give voice to the soil and all beings (living and non-living) found within the soilsphere. We come together on the radio to investigate soil matters from the art/science/soil perspectives.


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