Daklozencamping in het Vondelpark (NIET GECANCELD!?)

Sunday, 25 August

Daklozencamping in het Vondelpark (NIET GECANCELD!?)

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In spite of all kinds of media pronouncing that the Daklozencamping (Homeless People's Camping) is cancelled, there's some strong rumours that there will be something like a camping anyway. It seems the forces of nature cannot be stopped by just some words from a humanoid judge or a 'left-wing' mayor (she's from a party called Groen Links, which means Green Left, but we've not really been able to detect any action from this councel that would count as either Green or Left).

And since there seems to be little information in English about this subject, we'll try to explain shortly here.

This week there was news that the number of homeless people in this country has doubled recently, to 40.000 people. This means 40.000 people are without a home they can call their own. Without a place where they can at least sleep undisturbed. Not to mention, to wake up in the morning undisturbed, withour fear.  This has been almost exclusively caused by policies of the dutch state on several levels. Directly caused by policiy. So one of these people, his name is Frank, decided it was time to try a simple solution. Since so many homeless people sleep in the park anyway (illegally, but in very dutch fashion they are being 'gedoogd' - which means that although it is generally recognized as an illegal act, these people are left alone as long as they stay out of view. It is the famous blind eye, that has also allowed this country to become quite a hub in several lines of illegal activities. It's basically implementing a criminal infrastructure to allow some very superficial fake-freedom.

In order to visialize the issue at hand, and raise awareness amongst the people, Frank decided to announce a Homeless People's Camping in the Vondelpark. A lot of these people sleep there anyway, so why not do it out in the open, so more people can become aware of the sheer magnitude of this problem. And to become aware of how little resources are needed in order to just solve this thing at least partly, temporarily, to give these people what we call a 'menswaardig' existence. Menswaardig means worhty for a human. Although it seems that 'menswaardig bestaan' is not something antone would really oppose (also in European style this right has been cemented as a basic human right), both the Judge and the Mayor have decided that this is absolutely forbidden (which is different from 'normally' forbidden, which would make it allowed but not allowed, so you won't be punished or mistreated too badly). Frank is threatened with a €10.000 'dwangsom' if he puts up one more single poster announcing the Daklozencamping. A dwangsom is not a fine, it's more like state-organized blackmail.

So Frank said ok, I'll shut my mouth and not put up any more posters. Because, like certain extremist things you're not allowed to say, it's also forbidden in this 'free democratic society' to organize a protest camp to draw attention to one great humen tragedy that we in our extremely rich part of the world have organized.

So what can we do? Let's go to the park today, all of us, and express our opinion on how this city is dealing with its people.

So COME TO THE PARK AND BRING YOUR TENT! Ah no, sorry, we don't call upon you to do something as illegal as voicing your opinion by acting in such a ridiculously illegal way as to be in the park and bring a tent and voice you opinion. Because, of course, as we have seen, this is so highly illegal that you could be thrown in jail! Don't do it!

We'd like to quote Frank to explain further:

"Squatting is illegal. Sleeping on the street is illegal. Staying awake is no option. We are forced to break the law"

So that might be a nice slogan to carry around: "WAKKER BLIJVEN IS GEEN OPTIE." / "STAYING AWAKE IS NOT AN OPTION"

But you can think of your own slogan too.

Serious shit is going down here. Serieuze Shit will be there to broadcast live on Radio Patapoe.

If there's really no way you can be there today, listen in on the radio and make yourself heard elsewhere.




http://radiopatapoe.nl:8000/transit (direct link, open it in VLC)

http://radiopatapoe.nl:8000/serieuzeshit (when there's another show on Patapoe, you can still hear Serieuze Shit on this channel)

and read this

(it's really good for your dutch language skills to read this. learn to distiguish between the voices of power and the voices of people)

Because the solution appears to be dead simpel! They did in some pretty conservative US states, and it was a win-win-win-win situation. What they did? you will not believe the simplicity of their solution: they gave homeless people .. ... a home!! Suddenly, they had no fear going to sleep. They had no fear waking up. Suddenly, they became nice neighbours. Suddelnly, they gained self-respect. Suddenly, the got a life. Suddenly, they became humans. Just like the rest of us. Literally no person could find anythong bad about this ridiculously simple solution. Even from the money-point-of-view (which seems the only valid value in this world) it was a blast: every dollar spent came back at least twice or thrice - in less medicare, less police brutality, less imprisonment, less unhappiness.

SO DEAR CITY COUNCIL: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!?!?!? If you can spend millions on real eastate, you can spend some of your crumbs to solve this crisis once snd for all! IT'S TIME TO ACT



Volgens Van der Linde slapen in het Vondelpark tientallen daklozen, wat verboden is maar door handhavers oogluikend wordt toegestaan. 'Wij worden gedwongen de wet te overtreden: kraken is illegaal, op straat slapen is verboden, wakker blijven is geen optie.' (ANP)


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Sunday, 25 August, 2019 - 18:00

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