Tussen 6 en UGLY #4: Pointless DARTS "competition"

Tuesday, 30 July

Tussen 6 en UGLY #4: Pointless DARTS "competition"

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The fourth edition of "Tussen 6 en UGLY" comes with the first edition of "Pointless DARTS 'competition'". It's a game, that's all we can say about it now. It complies perfectly with all the criteria for the series: funny, weird, beuatiful and outlandish. Sure it'll be fun - you don't want to miss this!

Tonight with extra fire. come join the campfire in the far corner, in BAR Infinity.

Since the bar is still young we're yet there where it comes to certain items. If, on your way here, you come across something that could be nice or strange for a bar, bring it on.

In Infinity, everything is for and by donation. No entry for Blue Cloud. BAR list applies.

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Tuesday, 30 July, 2019 - 20:00


  • bar/cafe
  • meeting
  • music/concert
  • radio/tv


  • Infinity
  • Kampvuur


  • free


BAR Infinity
Overschiestraat 172-A
1062XK Amsterdam


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Announcements of the live-radio-reporting show "Serieuze Shit" (Serious Shit) on Radio Patapoe.

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very irregular and usually announced just in time. For announcements, join the mailinglist at riseup.net

We are the Green Tribe, a mixed group of creative individuals, who - after being sent off the Zeeburgereiland - started to use a lost plot of land in Slotervaart.


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We're always open a bit, come by for a chat if you like.

And there's Het Groenen Paradijs (The Green's Paradise). a small terrace/restaurant/shop, but they are in Zaandam now.

On Tuesdays, we try to make something crazy or fun to happen in BAR Infinity, on the farthest corner of the place , on the edge of the forest. Around 8pm, usually. But hey, you never know
BAR Infinity - always open when you are there 💖