Hong Kong film : 二

Friday, 11 October

Hong Kong film : 二

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As the struggle in Hong Kong goes on we’re going to watch some political and a-bit-less-political films from there, all filmed since the handover from Britain to China. We can also chat after the films about the current situation, the powerful solidarity being displayed by very different parts of society, the complex political demands, and the interesting wave of tactics over the recent years.

Films in Joe’s are on Sunday 6th and 13th. There will also be films in the Budapest, Pesthuislaan in Oud West on Fridays 11th and 25th. All open at 20:00 with the film starting at 20:30.

Our next film, on the 11th is the oldest, made directly after the handover. Again we meet youth and petty crime, but this time a quite different location and style.  Set in the high density poor subsidised housing projects it was shot in true guerrilla style, using spare pieces of film from other movies, with five crew members loaning money for the equipment and only two months of production. This low budget film is a tale of restless and impulsive youth - topics ranging from triad dealings, violent retribution, young lust to terminal illness and teen suicide. It presents a tragicomic vision of inner-city life that is equal parts raw and trippy. The film is soon swamped in a permeating nihilism which induces it with a punk essence that seems to fit its visual style to perfection.

Sometimes regarded as a response to the 1997 Hong Kong handover, the directer feels that it can also be viewed as a character-driven drama that reflects the lifestyle of many young Hong Kong people at the time. Set in subsidised housing projects. High density, where a majority of Hong Kong people lived. The story of the protagonist, his struggle, his growing up, his lifestyle, was also very common for a lot of young people at the time. All this combined is a Hong Kong story. There is a haunted, or fantasy undertone. Again the director feels this reflects the reality of life: "The fantasy is contained in the meaning, contained in how life is very hard and sometimes you will find that you are helpless in life. You cannot control how life develops. Fantasy also implies dreams, your dream. In the whole film, they talk about people: people who want to die but cannot die, people who don’t want to die but actually die. Maybe that’s the fantasy of this movie. It’s a philosophical aspect of the film."

Recently restored the strong visuals, and sharp quick editing, of the film make it a great film to watch.

Cantonese with English Subtitles ~ 110 mins.

Open 20:00 | Film 20:30

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Friday, 11 October, 2019 - 20:00


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Entrance through the garden, up stairs behind the Buddha. If stairs are a problem there is a properly accessible door (and WC) from the other side, but you'll probably need to contact folks to open it.

Screening the films we want to watch ourselves - and inviting you to join us.

Films are usually shown in Amsterdam, some with food beforehand, and always free.


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