A Question of Silence (De stilte rond Christine M., 1982)

Friday, 10 August

A Question of Silence (De stilte rond Christine M., 1982)

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Three women - strangers to each other - kill a man they do not know. The film then follows a criminal psychiatrist’s interviews with the women to try to ascertain their sanity, and the ensuing court case, with surprising results.

Marleen Gorris debut film was highly controversial but also highly acclaimed when it got released (incl. winning the Dutch Gouden Kalf award), and is now hailed as a feminist classic.

And for a bit of local history: It's filmed at the Bijlmerbajes and other locations in Amsterdam.

Marleen Gorris | Netherlands 1982 | 92 min | Dutch spoken, English subtitles

Doors 20:30, film at 21:00

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Friday, 10 August, 2018 - 21:00


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