Repentance [Georgian SSR 1987]

Saturday, 12 August

Repentance [Georgian SSR 1987]

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Political satire USSR Georgian style. Inevitably banned, it was perhaps more surprisingly given a release under Gorbachev, only to be buried by authorities again a bit later. An important piece of Glasnost:

The New York Times wrote then: "The skill with which Repentance has been made is sure to be eclipsed in importance by the very fact that it was made at all. The level of political self-criticism to be found in this Soviet film is so high, and the satire so scathing, that Repentance has been greeted as a phenomenon at home. For American audiences, it will seem almost equally startling. Yet Repentance also warrants attention for the flamboyant directorial style of Tengiz Abuladze, a man who favors surreal touches, unexpected leaps through time, and the blackest humor. Repentance would seem mordantly funny if its wit, like that of its central character, weren't also so cruel.

151 minutes, with English subtitles.

Doors will be open at least half an hour earlier.
We'll probably put the short documentary about Lavrentiy Beria on beforehand.

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Saturday, 12 August, 2017 - 21:00


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