Postponed: Demonstration – Housing for people not for profit!

Cancelled: Saturday, 28 March

Postponed: Demonstration – Housing for people not for profit!

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National demonstration: Housing for people not for profit! #woonopstand
📍 Amsterdam - Jonas Daniel Meijerplein.
🕑 28 March - 14:00

✊ On March 28 we organize a demonstration with a broad international coalition of different groups and movements. Whether you're young or old, everyone suffers from the housing crisis. It's time to radically change course. Housing for people not for profit!

✊ We want a city that's accessible to everyone. Where citizens have agency and certainty, and are assured a permanent and affordable roof over their head.

✊ Due to the current housing policy, these rights are by no means self-evident and are increasingly becoming a privilege. We therefore take action against the ridiculous rent situations, the marketization and flexibilization of our housing.

Join and take part. We plea for:
🏠 The construction of affordable social housing.
🏠 Less free-market rents, more public housing: rents down!
🏠 Stop the sale, liberalization and flexibilization of social housing.
🏠 Abolish the rent tax.
🏠 Housing security for everyone.

✔️ This initiative is supported by the following organizations: Bond Precaire Woonvormen, Huurdersnetwerk Amsterdam (HNA), Huurdersbelang Zuid, Niet te koop, Retake the City, Huurdersvereniging de Pijp, Fair City, FNV Amsterdam, SP Amsterdam, Democratische Academie Groningen, Stichting Eropaf, Uitgewoond, Revolutionaire Eenheid, BIJ1, Doorbraak, Verdedig Noord, Humanities Rally UvA, Radio Voorwaarts, Landelijke Studentenvakbond (LSVb), Vereniging Stille Armoede Zaanstad, and growing.

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Saturday, 28 March, 2020 - 14:00

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Jonas Daniel Meijerplein

Radio Voorwaarts began as a short fiction film that takes place on the eve of the eviction of an alternative community, home to a pirate radio.


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