VMO [Violent Magic Orchestra] (JP) + KENTARO HAYASHI (JP) + PIGEON TEAM DJs

Saturday, 7 October

VMO [Violent Magic Orchestra] (JP) + KENTARO HAYASHI (JP) + PIGEON TEAM DJs

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-- caution: strobe lighting in use --

Violent Magic Orchestra – VMO
Ultimate Extreme Supreme Art Project
VMO will be returning to OCCII this year again.
️ ️Stay awake and shake your head as we bring down the scaled-up DEATH RAVE to you on October 7th
"DEATH RAVE" presented by VMO is an extreme audio visual art project that combines a mix of black metal, techno, noise, and industrial sounds, crazy cutting-edge visuals, and strobe lights that are also part of the band. they're bringing Europe a new experience that forces people to dance and mosh at the same time.
Throbbing like a black hole at the intersection of techno, black metal, industrial, and noise, VMO [Violent Magic Orchestra] will explode onto the stage like a car crash smack in the visage. Featuring members of Vampillia, fronted by vocalist ZASTAR and featuring Kezzardrix on live visuals, their performances meld smoke, strobes and ear-quaking blast beats to violently breach the hulls of clubland and rip open a pit of dark dance frenzies and crowd surfing techgnosis.
Opening the night, Kentaro Hayashi brings peculiar and ambient nightmare sounds to haunt your heart-holes into an aural hellscape. The ghosts of club-beat memories crushed like glass vials beneath the heel, corruptions of sound spiraling into harsh self-destruction.

VMO a.k.a Violent Magic Orchestra will release the second single "SUPERGAZE" from the album "DEATH RAVE" scheduled to be released in the future from NEVER SLEEP.

"SUPERGAZE" is a song that evokes dance and mosh and explodes with a beautiful crystal gaze noise/guitar and a violent beat that evokes the image of a blizzard running through outer space.


The music video, which will be premiered by CVLT Nation at the same time as the distribution, is a spectacularly insane video work by French visual artist "Valnoir" who has worked on jackets for Laibach, igorrr, Alcest and Led Zeppelin.
"I decided to offer VMO to direct a music video for them because.... well, those are probably the most fucked up, unpredictable, no-limits, excentric band I've been fortunate enough to work with.
I mean, you take the shittiest venue in the crappiest town, and they will transform it in a stroboscopic death arena filled with a horde of epileptic hakken-dancing cyborgs high on crystal meth+LSD."
- French visual artist "Valnoir"
“Step inside the Death Rave as Violent Magic Orchestra’s unholy blend of black metal, industrial noise, and hardcore techgnosis turns your ear buds into ear enemies. The six-piece Japanese collective unbind brooding slabs of brutality from the Seventh Circle, abysmally vibrant terrors fine and dark. With their second album imminent on Gabber Eleganza’s NEVER SLEEP label (@neversleeplife), get ready to open up the pit…” –
Violent Magic Orchestra go big on their new single and conjure up a whole new sound with Gabber Eleganza on percussion.

Martello Mosh Pit [NSR014S3] by VMO feat. Gabber Eleganza


-- caution: strobe lighting in use --

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Saturday, 7 October, 2023 - 20:00 to 23:30


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