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Pretty//Ugly is very pleased to announced this wild line up:::::

From the ashes of electro-cha3bi outfit Cairo Liberation Front arises LQRQ, a new exciting live band consisting of the two origin Cairo Liberation Front members Yannick Verhoeven and Joep Schmitz, complemented by the Dutch-Iraqi fiery punk singer Bagdaddy and N.R. Safi, known from The Myrrors & Naujawanan Baidar. LQRQ is an unique cross-cultural project that combines swooping electronic beats with Arabic and Persian folkmusic and punk rock riffs. Live you can expect an inclusive, fun-loving and genre-pushing pandemonium.

Throwing Bricks
Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, THROWING BRICKS started out as a vicious hardcore unit, but in recent years has grown to be a lot more than that. Mixing their punk beginnings with slow and crushing sludge riffs and dashes of black metal and screamo, the project has evolved into the heavy yet energetic juggernaut it is today.
THROWING BRICKS’ music might sound angry and aggressive, but first and foremost it’s emotionally punishing. The feverish lyrics, brutal growls and intensely high screeches, low yet melodic guitar work, grimy bass and pounding drums, they all share a feeling of hopelessness. No matter how hard you fight against it, resistance is futile. Whether you like dark, brooding drones, slow and dragging riffs or insanely fast blast beats, this band has got it all.
After self-releasing some music online, “What Will Be Lost” is THROWING BRICKS’ debut on Tartarus Records. Recorded by Wessel Reijman at Catacomben Studios, it captures a emotional feeling which comes as close to their live shows as possible. With a presence in the middle of the audience rather than on a big stage, they even let the biggest venues seem intimate. Get ready to be sucked into a very heavy and loud void.

Beat River
No wave improv freaks & young bloods.
line up:
JVB - prepared guitar
Luka Schuurman - guitar / sax
$ub$idi€junk - sax
Nina Miege - drums

tickets: link coming soon

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Saturday, 30 April, 2022 - 20:00 to 23:45


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Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL Amsterdam


Former squat, now legalised

OCCII has a long history of existing as a self-sustainable and autonomous independent venue. OCCII not only provides a stage for underground and radical music acts – it is also run almost entirely by volunteers. Every OCCII volunteer helps the venue in one way or another.


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Everyday, time depending on programme