Mini Conference and Teaser: Punk and (DIY) Venues

Saturday, 4 December

Mini Conference and Teaser: Punk and (DIY) Venues

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So sad COVID means no night music in OCCII.

Our conference now 4 December webinar . Women in punk deserve a full spring 2022 day in OCCII with live music. Info & Date TBA soon.

Mini Conference and Teaser: Punk and (DIY) Venues

Opening and Welcome
14:00 Opening of the 8th annual conference of PSN by Mike Dines
14:10 Opening and introduction to the first conference of PSN Netherlands by Anita Raghunath

Panel: Punk and venues, Chair: Marie Arleth Skov
14:20 Paper by Herman de Tollenaere: “Venues and punk concerts in greater Leiden 1976-1982”.
14:35 ‘Introduction by Minja Šarović of her documentary about former DIY venue SUB071.
14:45 “Eerlijk Zullen We Allen Spelen” 25-minute film by Minja Šarović, released in 2017
15:10 Paper by Yorgos Paschos on DIY venues in the Netherlands in the post-2020 COVID-19 times: “Physical Space and Collective Identity- Making: DIY Cultural- Political Centers in Times of Lockdown”

15:25 Discussion about the papers and the film

15:50 Final words by Anita Raghunath and preview of the conference “Women in Punk”

16:00 T.B.C. Livestream from the OCCII

(More info soon!)

Punk Scholars Network the Netherlands
Dutch affiliate of a global effort to bring together the diverse academic (and other) strands of #punk writing.

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Saturday, 4 December, 2021 - 13:00 to 17:00


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