HAIRETIS HARPER (Crete, GR/London, GB) + Flowers/Ghosts&Echoes + GIORGIO DURSI (IT) + DJ BENCE

Friday, 11 October

HAIRETIS HARPER (Crete, GR/London, GB) + Flowers/Ghosts&Echoes + GIORGIO DURSI (IT) + DJ BENCE

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Lute player and vocalist Yiagos Hairetis (Crete) and experimental harpist Maria-Christina Harper (London) collaborate for the first time to produce a dynamic unexpected duet. The duo brings together the traditional music of Crete and the London experimental music scene. The unique rock soundscapes that Hairetis creates with his lute are fused with Maria-Christina’s powerful and experimental playing on her harp.

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Is an audio-visual project that explores the physical and digital, controllable and out of control, something contemplative and yet overbearing. Seeking something simple but complicated, they are fascinated with things that are beautiful but hidden in unexpected places.
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Giorgio Dursi works mainly with his own voice, found objects or modified instruments that he chooses for their timbric and evocative character, digital and analog tools used to record, modify and mix the improvisations that he collects.

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Friday, 11 October, 2019 (All day)


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