We Come One Festival

Thursday 26 April

We Come One Festival

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*We Come One Festival* A non-commercial Koningsnacht party featuring local & international DJs and artists from Amsterdam collectives. Our cross-genre lineup brings you dub, reggae, house, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, jungle, techno and grime....

The festival takes place at independent venue, OCCII, filling two large rooms with a full sound system. Charge for entry is on donation.

Collectives participating include: Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland • Bassculture Foundation • El Disfrute Colectivo del Papelón • Plattegrond Records • Pissnlaugh • Sub:terrein AMS • Zen Rockers.

We Come One: In response to the increasing commercialisation of the city of Amsterdam several Amsterdam based independent collectives have decided to join forces, pool their resources and create non-for-profit parties, expositions and events in and around the city.

Damage: Suggested Donation from 5 euros


♬ Confirmed Line Up ♬

✬ Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland Collective: DJ Black & Lekker / SmokeSwift / Alonzo Mooi
✬ Vette Mette DJ Set (Bassculture Foundation)
✬ Boris Scorpio Live (Plattegrond)
✬ Grand Ancestor (USA)
✬ Bas Punkt • Acid/punk • Live techno set
✬ BARANA Live (Berlin)
✬ El Disfrute Colectivo del Papelón DJ's
✬ FJ González Torres • Guitars/bass/field recordings • Vagueness Records • visuals by Alexandra Dragne
✬ Serendipity Summers • We Come Weird DJ Set - Soundciety

✬ Sub:terrein AMS Collective DJ set: Eskaym / Franco Najera
✬ Plattegrond Collective: Dj Akkii Attii
✬ Zen Rockers Collective
✬ BABANI Records


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Thursday, 26 April, 2018 (All day)


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  • music
Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL Amsterdam

OCCII has a long history of existing as a self-sustainable and autonomous independent venue. OCCII not only provides a stage for underground and radical music acts – it is also run almost entirely by volunteers. Every OCCII volunteer helps the venue in one way or another.


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Everyday, time depending on programme