SOTU SHOW /w Osilasi - B6rb6p6pa - Sssorry - BSE - djCS

Thursday, 08 June to Friday, 09 June

SOTU SHOW /w Osilasi - B6rb6p6pa - Sssorry - BSE - djCS

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OSILASI music is a re-reading of traditional music (Norwegian, Breton, Indonesian, songs of the sheperds from the Alps ...) passed to the mill by
their care, mixed into a form of spiced noisy dip, which beyond the improvisation is articulated around different composed patterns. These
patterns oscillate, evolve, unfold, and transform freely, depending on the perception of the moment.

B6RB6P6PA feat Ruben Leonard Vink
A Dutch audiovisual artist/musician/organizer/collaborator.CentrumVoorLabieleMedia/Dordrecht joined by flutist R.L. Vink.

Kutwyv & Frank Vis
fckn btrds/sotu/shit.noise/trash


DJ CaptainSpank
CaptainSpank = (Body) Painter / DJ... and more...!
Music Style(s) as a DJ:
ElectroSwing + Happy Funny (Dance) Music...

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Thursday, 8 June, 2017 - 20:00 to Friday, 9 June, 2017 - 01:00


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