DIY Bike Repair- Doe-Het-zelf Fiets Reparatie

Thursday, 30 March

DIY Bike Repair- Doe-Het-zelf Fiets Reparatie

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DIY Bike Repair- Doe-Het-zelf Fiets Reparatie  

Is your tire flat? Your chain broken? Your brakes not braking? Your brakes only working? Your wheels wobling? Your handelbaars rattling? Want to fix it? DO- IT- YOURSELF.Make a reservation HERE


Vote for the Fietskliniek if you live in the Indische Buurt of Oostelijk Havengebied

if you live in the above mention neighbourhoods, between 3 and 23 of April you have the opportunity to support our plans to keep Fietskliniek alive.

People who live in these neighbouhoods will get a letter with a code from Gemeente Amsterdam to vote online. Make sure this bike workspace stays open for the community,

tell it to your friends or friends of friends and family. Thanks!



We are a Bike Workspace inside the working and living community the Nieuwland.From now on we offer a membership. It will cost you €50 per year and you have access to the bike workspace for 10 sessions.This Membership is 'transferable' meaning you can buy a membership, use it once and pass it on to someone else who could make good use of it, in case you won't.Membership is valid for one year. Not only individuals but also Housing communities, Companies, etc could buy a solidarity membership for their members/staff. 


What do you get for this membership:

  • Working spot to hang up your bike and access to all the tools. 
  • Free guidence in the whole process of Repairing your Bike.
  • Access to recycled parts, for half of the price of a new one.
  • Everything you need to repair your bike is available at the bikeshop, so no need to go somewhere else.
  • A lovely community of anticapitalistic and idealistic folks who believe that another world is possible — where Solidarity and Self Relience are basic values.

Come and Learn!!! 


Our core values are:Consensus-based decision-making and skill sharing, learning from experience and fostering a non-discriminatory workspace and learning environment.Get involved to keep the workspace alive! We are a group of bike lovers volunteering to keep this community project going, but we have expenses to pay such as rent, utilities, insurance, as well as tools and parts to buy.In case you want to use the workspace only once, the minimum price is € 10 paid in advance, and you will get 2 hours to work on your bike. Every extra hour is €5 on top of the initial amount. After making a reservation online you will get a payment request to your phone number. Then your reservation is confirmed.Make a reservation HERE 

Date & Time: 

Thursday, 30 March, 2023 - 18:00


  • work space/diy


  • Bike repair
  • werkplaats doe-het-zelf fiets fietsen bicycle bike workshop


  • more than 5 €



Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 95
1093XN Amsterdam


Most activities use the entrance on the left side of the building (#93). Middle entrance (#95) is used by Balcontactics, DIY Fietskliniek and occasionally ABW.

NieuwLand is solidary and self-built space for living and working, and a non-commercial, volunteer-run social-political centre in Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam Oost.


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