Drop in/drop out hair and beauty Salon!

Tuesday, 20 June

Drop in/drop out hair and beauty Salon!


A weekly anti commercial, body positive, queer friendly hair and beauty salon and hangout, hosted by the Nieuwland sociaal-politiek centrum!

We want to take hair and beauty out of the prohibitively expensive, impersonal, heteronormative, and exclusionary spaces of the commercial world, and turn it into a social activity, an activity of care for one another in the community, a work of solidarity in helping people express the way they feel about themselves, how they want to represent their positionality, the face they want to show the world.

Drop in any time between 13:00 and 18:00, get your split ends trimmed, experiment with a new style, have your nails painted, exchange make up tips, read some of our many free zines, discuss the relationship between gender, aesthetics, resistance and identity, or just drop in for a free cup of tea and a chat!

In time, a makeup and toiletries free shop, potluck food sharing, and many other goodies are being planned for the salon

Everything on a strictly donation, pay as you feel basis!

See you there,

Love and solidarity,

The Radical Fringe


Date & Time: 

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00


  • book shop/info shop/library
  • (free) shop/market
  • work space/diy


  • Hair and beauty
  • Queer
  • Body Positive
  • feminist


  • free
  • by donation


Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93
1093XN Amsterdam

NieuwLand is solidary and self-built space for living and working, and a non-commercial, volunteer-run social-political centre in Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam Oost.


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