Hi Ha Happening: Provocation Nr. 2

Friday, 29 September

Hi Ha Happening: Provocation Nr. 2

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REMINDER: This is a Bring Your Own Orca(/Marine Mammal) event. Mobilize your local Marine life forms and bring them to Spui in Solidarity with the Radical Orcanisation of Killer Whales!

Hear ye hear ye! Gather all you dwellers in, and children of, Amsterdam. For on Friday the twenty ninth of September at nine, a decentralized Neo-Provotarian movement will once again meet at the feet of the statue ‘het Lieverdje’ on Spui for a Happening. A second rendition in a recurring and ever more evocative tradition, it calls on all inhabitants of this corrupted city to happen individually and collectively. It ushers in a new age wherein the structures that we know might come to fall in a cascade of chronological disturbance, floods, evolutionary nightmares, and revolution. As the Spirit of Mokum shows herself before us, the structures that have demanded our servitude and sought to put us in chains might once more come to light, so that we may avert the apocalyptic consequences that will otherwise come to pass. And so it was that even after the first ritualistic unearthing and expressing of unrest and vivacity the government fell, the technobike-conglomerate Van Moof went bankrupt, and orca’s continued their fervent war in the reclamation of their living spaces.


It is thus that we need to be encouraged by these marine mammals who are our fellows, and follow their example by taking back the streets and canals of Amsterdams. Let doors be painted, houses filled. Let Spui, Rokin, de Dam and de Wallen once again become a place for the Amsterdammer. Let it once more be a place where living beings come to be, instead of one where solely tourists come to find an amusement park tailored to their needs. Let it be amusing and dionysian, but not in the boring and deflating hedonistic manner that is the current norm. 


And so it is of the utmost importance that we free ourselves of the shackles of the sorry consumer. The ostrich, that flightless bird, is addicted to hate, sensation, mindless scrolling, and illusions of grandiosity and shame. They need to provoke and be provoked. For in our plight we will not only consume commodities, but ourselves and everything around us. And yet there is a different path that we might take, of collective individuation and transformation. We need to manifest change through unashamed expression, in absurdity and beauty. We need to build a new society out of the ashes and rot of one that is unsustainable, as to principles of collective responsibility. We need to happen. For if nevertheless we stay idle, repressed by addictive hocus-pocus and turmoil, catastrophe will come to pass. And in our deformed attempt at flight we would lose our wings, and fall as Icarus into the destructive sea below that will inevitably engulfe Mokum. 


Concluding, halt this haphazard hurry, by hi-ha happening!!


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Friday, 29 September, 2023 - 21:00


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Het Lieverdje
1012XA Amsterdam

This is a call to all of the roof dwellers, anarchists, squatter pirates, basement divers and wizards. To the conquistadors of bread, the crusty cyborgs, the shrimp eaters, crab lovers and digital addicts.


  • action/protest/camp