Blunt Force Combat - Self Defence Class

Tuesday, 3 December

Blunt Force Combat - Self Defence Class

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Self Defence Course, Open to All.

Learn how to protect yourself and keep yourself safe.

The focus is on theory rather than technique so regardless of sytle if you have any previous experience then this will help teach you how to apply it in real situations, however experience is not required.

The idea is to provide a safe enviroment to learn and practice, however please be aware that although the idea is to avoid contact in training, sometimes accidental contact may be incurred. So train at your own discression, if you are not comfortable with an activity then feel free to skip anything you are not comfortable with.

Please email if you are interested to arrange joining a session. Door is not open so must arrange before or won't be able to get in if you just turn up on the night.


About Blunt:

Studied Martial arts since childhood, starting with Lau Gar and then Judo when I was in my teens.

Over 20 years experience in many styles of Wing Chun Kuen, qualified to teach several styles.

Over 15 years experience in Chen style Taiji Chuan (Tai Chi), also qualified to teach, competed in national taiji tournaments.

Muay Thai including training in Thailand, and various other systems including Shaolin - Lohan.

Trained with many top Grandmasters and Masters.

Created and taught own Self Defence course based on practical knowledge and experience.


Date & Time: 

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 - 20:00


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