Commodore 64 Assembly

Friday, 18 November

Commodore 64 Assembly

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A crash course in obsolete programming techniques

In this workshop we will be programming the 33 year old Commodore 64. Forget your arduino and discover the potentialities of unstructured assembly code on obsolete hardware. Possible outcomes may or may not include demo effects, noise, an evening wasted on disfunctional code, hardware interfacing, music, glitches, headache, et cetera.

This is the third workshop in this course, to join in it helps if you have a development environment set up, either using an emulator as described on or if you want to use a real C= 64 and bring your own assembler/monitor cartridge, that's fine aswell. We'll be continuing on building loops and hopefully explore the possibilities of the VIC videochip a bit to program some simple visual effects. Not much prior knowledge is required, but it wouldn't hurt to have a look at the 6510 instruction set and read up a bit on what hexadecimals and an accumulator are beforehand.

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Friday, 18 November, 2016 - 19:15


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