Bananas 1971

Thursday, 27 June

Bananas 1971

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Directed by Woody Allen
82 minutes
In English
This was Woody's second feature film, made directly after his most subversive movie—Take the Money and Run. In this one Woody concocts a zany comedy with a quirky sense of humor, where he analyzes two major themes: love relationships and political revolutions. The early movies of Woody are bursting with life... sometimes the humor is hit-and-miss, but they dare to take chances and cross over into uncharted territory.
This one stars Woody himself as bumbling loser Fielding Mellish, a product tester who is dumped by his political activist girlfriend Nancy (Louise Lasser). To get over the break-up he goes on a vacation to the Latin American republic of San Marcos. But the country is in turmoil, and Mellish is kidnapped by guerrilla rebels... throwing his life into a series of crazy mishaps and adventures. Woody's humor is more inventive here, often even including silent movie "slapstick" sequences that are purely visual (versus the more scripted dialogue-based humor of his later films). Bananas is a witty jab at US-sponsored Latin American dictatorships of the 70s, but it's also about the dangers of obtaining power in both the left and right-wing camps. There's even a small uncredited role played by Sylvester Stallone as a lowlife subway thug. For many viewers the early films by Woody remain his best, especially in relation to what he's peddling these days.

This outrageous film needs to be seen with a lively audience, so don't even try to watch this like a loser on a laptop.

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Thursday, 27 June, 2024 - 20:30


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