De Cierta Manera 1975

Thursday, 15 February

De Cierta Manera 1975

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(One Way or Another)
Directed by Sara Gómez 
77 minutes
In Spanish with English subtitles

This rarely screened film is a classic of Cuban cinema, nailed by an Afro-Cuban woman—Sara Gómez—who only made a few short documentaries and this single feature, in her short lifetime. She died at age 31 from complications involved with the birth of her child. Besides the personal tragedy of someone dying so young, it was also sad because she was such a bold original talent, and obviously had so much more to give. 

This film is incredibly innovative and thoughtful... a radical mix between fact and fiction. The fiction part is a love affair between Mario and Yolanda who are very different from each other—a male factory worker and a female school teacher. But then there is the documentary edge that captures the entire world of Cuba in the 1970s. We see it all - the ground-level struggles to create a new society, the contradictions, the intense conversations of people on the street, their dreams and loves. All in a country still trying to define what is revolutionary, equal, and humane in terms of race, class and gender. In essence, the everyday reality of the ongoing Cuban revolution from a woman's perspective.  

A docu-film like this feels so free compared to anything being made today. It has these beautiful moments when it detours on a whim. It starts to explore one direction, and then suddenly shifts and takes off in another style that is purely documentary. Because it can suddenly jump tracks so quickly, it also captures a wider cross-section of the entire society. I also love the fact that our main character has flaws, and we often question her convictions. An incredible snapshot of a society that is trying to transform and reinvent everything. 


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Thursday, 15 February, 2024 - 20:30


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