Herzog double bill in the garden

Wednesday, 15 September

Herzog double bill in the garden

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WODAABE - HERDSMEN OF THE SUN * 1989 * (Wodaabe - Die Hirten der Sonne. Nomaden am Südrand der Sahara) * Directed by Werner Herzog * 52 minutes * In English
LESSONS OF DARKNESS * 1992 * (Lektionen in Finsternis) * Directed by Werner Herzog * 54 minutes * In English
Werner Herzog's incredible documentary about the Wodaabe people of the Sahara-Sahel region. Followed by his classic sci-fi essay film, which he shot in a real-life inferno: Kuwait's oil fields as Iraqi soldiers retreated after the first Gulf War.WODAABE - HERDSMEN OF THE SUN : Most of the film focuses on a seven-day male "beauty pageant" where the women get to pick men to spend the night with and perhaps marry. In this spectacular ritual, eligible young men strive to outshine each other and attract mates by means of lavish make-up, costumes, posturing and facial movements. A wild turn on the stereotypes our western culture has concerning gender roles.


LESSONS OF DARKNESS: In the aftermath of the Gulf War, the retreating Iraqi soldiers left the oil fields of Kuwait a raging inferno. In typical Herzog fashion, he took a small crew to film the disaster and in the end made a documentary vision of the Apocalypse. For Herzog the dividing line between documentary and fiction is always questionable, and in this case he takes images of our planet engulfed in walls of flame and created a sort of poetic, psychic, visionary sci-fi film.

Both movies will be high-definition projections.

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Wednesday, 15 September, 2021 - 20:30


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