The State of Things (outdoor screening, weather permitting)

Wednesday, 14 July

The State of Things (outdoor screening, weather permitting)

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DER STAND DER DINGE  1982 * (The State of Things) * Directed by Wim Wenders * 125 minutes * In several languages, with English subtitles when necessary

This is a film within a film....and therefore it's a vehicle for Wender's meditations about the film-making process, and especially about the force of finance... the American transformation of film as an art-form into a business model. The film is rich in nostalgia of things past, as it captures the moment that cinema entered a new era, changing from the 70s into the 80s...a time when all of the rules of the game were also changing and cinema was becoming something very different. This is Wender's seminal film about "the state of things" in cinema.

The story is about a film crew that is shooting a "re-make" of a B-film (a re-make of a Roger Corman film) about the survivors of a nuclear holocaust, and this storyline parallels the director's own journey as the film runs out of money and he is forced to postpone the project for a while. He goes to LA to try and find the producer and collect more money in order to finish the film. The movie is visually beautiful, full of the magic of black and white photography lensed by Henri Alekan (Himmel uber Berlin/Wings of Desire). It's also a movie that constantly speaks about itself, about the hardships of shooting black and white, and about the need for "a story", and the pressures of finance. It tries not to be a film, but rather a film about a film, and therefore it is about real life.

This is without doubt one of the films that made Wim Wenders a legend....a classic which is shamefully never screened these days. The cast includes maverick American directors Sam Fuller and Roger Corman.

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Wednesday, 14 July, 2021 - 20:00


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