La belle verte

Thursday, 1 October

La belle verte

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LA BELLE VERTE  1996 Directed by Coline Serreau ** 99 minutes ** In French with English subtitles

This movie is certainly about ecology, but perhaps more importantly about the madness of our society. It is a comedy, but one that jabs us with hardcore reality... so the humor is always poignant and bittersweet. There are two ways to criticize our present world - one is through black humor, the other is from a place of bright comedy, revealing how dark our world really is. This movie is the later.

The story begins on a 'green' planet far away from Earth, where people can think sensibly and organize their world in a compassionate way. They are able to transport themselves to other planets, which they do from time to time, just to check up on how things are going and to see if they can learn something. They haven't been to Earth for a really long time, and nobody is really crazy about returning here because last time they were here it was going so bad. But one woman volunteers. The movie kicks in when she arrives in modern-day Paris, and we watch the world through her foreign eyes. It is a world of pollution and the mass production of junk. The first thing she discovers is that she is unable to digest the artificial garbage we call food. This is not the kind of movie you watch for its experimental or groundbreaking cinema techniques, but more for the themes it explores. It helps us see the world around us, without blinders or hypocrisy... and  how we project fear onto each other.

Made in the mid-90s by female director Coline Serreau, it re-emerged again recently in France during the lockdown, when it took on a new life and became more popular than ever. Serreau not only directs this flick, but also is the main actress and did the music score herself! Some people on the internet correctly mention it as a cult flick, but also claim that upon its release in 1996, it was immediately banned by the USA, Russia and the European Commission (I have no idea about this aspect... all I can say is that has been rarely seen outside France). It also has been responsible for inspiring eco-protest movements in various regions around the world.

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Thursday, 1 October, 2020 - 20:30


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