Vrijpaleis cinema: Buffet froid

Thursday, 6 February

Vrijpaleis cinema: Buffet froid

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BUFFET FROID   1979 (Cold cuts) Directed by Bertrand Blier 89 minutes In French with English subtitles

This is Bertand Blier's (Les valseuses, Merci la Vie) death-obsessed, surrealistic slapstick black comedy which features Gerard Depardieu as a blasé drifter called Alphonse, who wanders through a nightmarish urban landscape with two unlikely allies - a cop (played by the director's father) and a serial killer. This film is so bizarre that I am not even going to try and say what it's about... but if you want to take a weird, freewheeling cinematic trip and go places you have never been before, then this might be for you! For this bizarre film (just like with the films of Lynch) you have to be willing to let go of the need for a conventional storyline and let yourself be swept away. The film won a César Award for Best Screenplay.

This flick is a monument of dark humour. Its major themes are solitude and the surreal dehumanization of modern life. It works as a scathing slap in the face of our so-called "civilized" society which is slowly becoming more and more absurd. Want some references of what to expect in this bleak black comedy? Think Kafka, Lynch's weirder efforts, the disjoint surrealistic dreamscapes of later Luis Bunuel, and the dark absurdism of early Roman Polanski. It's another weird cult film from the past that few people know about and which is criminally never screened.

And, once again, this film was made in a time when Gerard Depardieu was a guy who took risks, and acted in edgy, uncommercial films....unlike today when he enjoys enormous popularity while clowning around being an ass!

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Thursday, 6 February, 2020 - 20:30


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