27 Hours (cine quinqui series)

Thursday, 30 January

27 Hours (cine quinqui series)

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27 HOURS     1986 (27 Horas) Directed by  Montxo Armendáriz 81 minutes In Spanish with custom-made English subtitles

This drama is a prime example of producer Elías Querejeta's 'arthouse factory'. He started making anti-Franco films in the sixties with Carlos Saura, but well into the 1980s, Querejeta was still fighting the system. In this case, the atmosphere of hopelessness in the Basque region of Spain. 27 Hours unfolds on the mist-covered bay of San Sebastián, and follows the lives of several teenagers with no sense of future. They spend much of their time on the dreary fishing harbour and the run-down promenade, hoping to find odd jobs. To no avail. The two main lovers, Maite and Jon, are already hooked on heroin.
An explosion of junky movies had spread throughout Europe at least since the 70s. In the north there were flicks like The Girl from the Vondel Park (set here in Amsterdam), and Christiane F. (in Berlin). These off-beat films flooded the cinemas, but today most of them have disappeared off the cinematic map, almost impossible to track down. In fact the entire genre is largely forgotten, as if it never existed.
Out of this wave of heroin films came the exceptional arthouse film 27 Hours, which paints San Sebastián as a cold grey city, with a backdrop of political warfare. The movie is not sensationalist, action-packed or oversexed, like many of its predecessors in the long wave of Spanish cine quinqui. It is actually more melancholic.... maybe even like a elegiac Greek tragedy. No scary scenes of drug taking, more of a slow and inescapable slide into junkyhood. Starring the equally unavoidable, but here brilliantly directed Antonio Banderas and Maribel Verdú, side by side with magnificent performances by two unknown actors: Martxelo Rubio and Jon Donosti. And, once again the White Man Speak With Forked Tongue Collective have made custom English subtitles for this rare screening.
This will be a high-definition projection.
We will also have copies available of our recent book about Spanish "cine quinqui" movies of the 80s: Puncture / Slash.

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Thursday, 30 January, 2020 - 20:30


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3 euro
Huis de Pinto
St. Antoniesbreestraat


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