Fantastic Planet

Sunday, 29 September

Fantastic Planet

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Film at 20:30  - (doors open at 20:00)
FANTASTIC PLANET   1973 (La Planète sauvage) Directed by Rene Laloux 72 minutes In French with English subtitles

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This mesmerizing psychedelic sci-fi classic is absolutely spellbinding, and knocks modern animation techniques out of the ballpark. Today we live in a world that is being manufactured, and the power of poetry is being lost. Everything is being ground down into being practical and logical. The animation in this flick has a Terry Gilliam/Monty Python-esque tone to it, but the impact this film has is much more haunting. It becomes clear that this so-called primitive style of animation actually reveals a kind of beauty that is extremely rare these days with computer generated movement. In other words, this is definitively un-pixar. In fact, this Czech-French co-production took a painstaking five years to complete the drawings by hand and make them move.

Fantastic Planet tells the story of human-like creatures who are kept as domestic pets by an alien race of blue giants called "draags." Is this our planet or another? Is it set in the past or the future? Everything about this film is left open to the imagination and interpretation. The biggest quality of the film is that it is profoundly disorienting... much like David Lynch's Eraserhead, it keeps us suspended in an overall feeling of other-worldliness. I have heard of people doing extremely strange things after watching this film... I have heard of people who have been spellbound by it, dreaming about its strangeness for years. It transports the viewer into a world that is a bit like entering a delirious Hieronymus Bosch painting. It also has a trippy 70s prog-rock soundtrack by Alain Goraguer who also composed music for Serge Gainsbourg.

This cult-classic, created along with surrealist illustrator Roland Topor, still remains a landmark of European animation. Fantastic Planet won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973.

  This will be a high-definition projection.

+ Short film: SEA URCHINS (Les oursins, 1958)
An 11-minute underwater movie by Jean Painlevé, set to music by Yo La Tengo

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Sunday, 29 September, 2019 - 20:30


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