Il posto

Thursday, 7 February

Il posto

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IL POSTO ** 1961 ** Directed by by Ermanno Olmi ** 98 minutes ** In Italian with English subtitles **

There are only a few films that reach the level of fiery intimacy as this one... perhaps Ken Loach's Kes is another. If you're someone who hates the whole rigmarole of looking for work because you need money to survive, and then if you happen to get the fucking job, hate the work you are forced to do even more - then this is the film for you. But it is also much more than that - set in post-war Italy of the late 50s, this is also a picture about how depersonalized the world was becoming, as Italy was changing from an agricultural society to an industrial one.

This movie begins with a timid young boy called Domenico who has traveled to the big business capital of Milano to apply for an office job at a corporation. He is forced to go through a barrage of exams, but during the selection process he begins bonding with Antonietta, a pretty girl who is in a similar situation. The end result is our main character will 'win' and 'lose' at the same moment.... a bleak future of endless office work, clerks, bureaucrats and petty bosses. The same story could have been told from an absurdist perspective by Franz Kafka... but here it has a neo-realist edge that makes it even more painful.

Directed with an incredible richness and unbearable sensitivity by Ermanno Olmi (Tree of the Wooden Clogs) this is a film about the magic of life, and a society that kills the human spirit in the bud. A real gem of Italian cinema, and one that has been criminally forgotten.

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Thursday, 7 February, 2019 - 20:30


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Huis de Pinto
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