Benefit: Gouda against state oppression

Friday, 30 September to Saturday, 1 October

Benefit: Gouda against state oppression

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After multiple attempts to squat in Gouda, and with multiple immediate evictions along with those attempts, some solidarity is in order.

Gouda has an enormous amount of emptiness and people are trying to do something about it.

Let's give them some support!!

there will be vegan food this evening, and later on a cocktail bar in the back.
The Anarchist Quiz will happen this night

Bivak Boys
DJ's Bray King & Barri Kees Sjon

Date & Time: 

Friday, 30 September, 2016 - 19:00 to Saturday, 1 October, 2016 - 03:00


  • bar/cafe
  • food
  • music/concert
  • party


  • Benefit


  • by donation
- Suggested food donation €5,-
Het Spinhuis - Onder de Brug
Singel 165A
pirate dungeon
1012 VK Amsterdam


Evicted squat

This is the second edition of the Spinhuis. This time it's under the bridge. This is a squatted autonomous student space that functions as an academic café.


  • bar/cafe / book shop/info shop/library / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / film / food / meeting / music/concert / party / theater / work space/diy

The DIY Workshop is an alternative to the contemporary and conventional learning system. It’s a space where education can happen outside of capitalist, governmental and elitist institutions. In other words: it’s free, autonomous and open to all.


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