Thursday, 19 September


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19-9-19 will be a magic date on the Green Tribe. We're going to celebrate life to the max!

From 2pm there will be BOS Rumoer #2 (Forest Noise) - where noise- and sound-artists, as well as some other undefinables, will be produce sound you can stroll through. Down in the forest, out of sight of the upper world. Redrum Maks, BSE, Frank Vis, and Parasnol will have their presence heard and felt. Zwarte Hond will be there, provided we can help him make the trip. We're aiming for many more presences, certainly there will be a lot to hear, and every step through the forest will give you a new sound-experience.

From 5pm there will be many interventions, big and small - as poetry and other words will be chanted and recited. By many, amongst whom Martin Wijtgaard, and a guy called Peter who's way into Whitman. There will be delicious food. Luca Schuurman & Ard D.C. will be searching for world domination improvising through automated translations. Dada-professor Ariel Alvares (Dada Rockt) will be there, trying to teach us something? Some cirucus-act might appear. And might we hope for the Grave Yard Duke Box?

Around 7pm, the Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht will raise our spirits way up in the skies. If you have not experienced them, their fertilizing force that has fed so many actions in their long history, you will definitely not want to miss this! The Rock n Roll Sailor will come rowing to us, with his friends, to enlighten our souls with their storytelling and music. Stories from the seven seas, from our Amsterdam and everywhere. Justin 'The Voice' will teach us to sing the JAMS. You will sing!

From 10pm MC Mustaj will come to excite our souls to the max. With her very own style Queercochino, her higly militant radical queer energy will feed our souls to go full-on into the coming period of climate action and polderdefense (yes the burial of Lutkemmerpolder can still be prevented!). Her performance is bound to bring an explosive discharge to this night.

All through the night there will be more music brought to you by a special DJ team with grandmaster DJ SL'OCCII on top - he will make you loose your mind, only to land in safe arms after all.

And well, our terrain is full of little corners with life celebration written all over it. Like BAR Infinity - although it's impossible to predict what will be going on there. Discover and enjoy!

One more thing
We are a very young ecolony. Not everything is how we would like to have it. Please respect out special and beloved surroundings. We want to keep building our dream for a long time to come - if not Infinty!

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Thursday, 19 September, 2019 - 14:00


  • bar/cafe
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  • Infinity


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- all donations for the players!
Green Tribe
1062XK Amsterdam


Fiets de Sloterkade af, dat wordt Rijnsburgstraat, rotonde rechtdoor, onder de A10 door en dan ben je er! Bus 62 / Metro 50 / Tram 2 / Nachtbus 288


Presently squatted
BAR Infinity
Overschiestraat 172-A
1062XK Amsterdam


Presently squatted

We are the Green Tribe, a mixed group of creative individuals, who - after being sent off the Zeeburgereiland - started to use a lost plot of land in Slotervaart.


  • action/protest/camp / bar/cafe / children's activity / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / exhibition / meeting / music/concert / radio/tv / work space/diy

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Every Monday : Soil give away & garden working day (please check the schedule)

Green Vibes : more infor coming soon