ASEED presents: Documental 9.70 (+Q&A)

Saturday, 25 June

ASEED presents: Documental 9.70 (+Q&A)

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Victoria Solano | 2012 | Colombia, Argentina | 45’ | EN subs

On 25 June we welcome ASEED and they will show the documentary Documental 9.70. ASEED (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Diversity Europe) is an international campaigning organisation, which targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice.

The documentary is about Law 9.70, which prohibits Colombian farmers from saving part of their harvest for use as seed. Its enforcement is a condition of the free trade treaty between Colombia and the United States. In August 2011, in the south of the country, police forces confiscated and destroyed the bags of rice produced by twenty farmers, in application of this law and at the expense of the region's food security.


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Saturday, 25 June, 2022 - 19:30


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