Archive Series: Dawn of the Dead (16mm)

Friday, 10 July

Archive Series: Dawn of the Dead (16mm)

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After a challenging period for everyone, we are back and ready to resume our screenings at the cinema. We abide by the rules as set by the RIVM and we will have only 15 guests per screening. It's necessary to make a reservation.

You can drop by at Cavia an hour before each screening to make a reservation at the bar. While at our venue, be mindful to remain at 1.5 meter distance from other people. We trust all to be responsible with their health and hygiene check.

George A. Romero | 1978 | Italy/USA | 127' | NL subs | 16mm

Considered by many to be George Romero’s best film, Dawn of the Dead embraces the political reputation of Night of the Living Dead and deepens the criticism of the American consumerism brought forth by the director in his zombie series. A memorable classic about four unlikely allies holed up in a secluded shopping mall amidst a zombie apocalypse, screened from a 16mm copy of our own archive.


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Friday, 10 July, 2020 - 22:30


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  • Horror
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5,- (Cineville card valid)
Filmhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-1
1051 HH Amsterdam


Go through the gate. Cavia is on the right hand side, above Xena Sports. Take the stairs.


Former squat, now legalised

Filmhuis Cavia is a counterculture cinema, founded in 1983 by a squatters movement, which programs films you aren't likely to see anywhere else.


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