Glitterbug + The Velvet Underground and Nico

Tuesday, 18 February

Glitterbug + The Velvet Underground and Nico

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GLITTERBUG  1994 Directed by Derk Jarman 60 minutes Soundtrack by Brian Eno

This film captures the more artistically poetic side of Jarman, and was basically edited by Jarman on his deathbed. His final work has been described as a "Glam Punk diary", and it has a bright melancholic feel, embracing all the people on the margins who have created their own community.

Glitterbug is composed of 15 years worth of edited super-8 'home movie' footage shot in the 70s and 80s to create a moving evocation of a generation, seen through the camera of artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman  This poetic film-collage is set to a soundtrack composed and recorded for the film by Brian Eno. The viewer is caught up in a deluge of small portraits and details.... snapshots of people with whom he shared his life. A nostalgic, intimate, touching portrait of friendship and happier times. Tilda Swinton is of course one of the faces that ignite like magic in these flickering images. With footage from home and on the streets, from gigs and fashion shows, on set shooting his first feature Sebastian, scenes of gardens and mazes.

One viewer's response: "Jarman's home super-eights capture images of outsiders over and over, and it's clear that they're casual subjects of his eye. These are people he knows, or that know him, or that are comfortable being part of his world. The homemade feel, the personal nature of this project, means that everyone in it, even if they aren't actually a close associate of his, ends up seeming that way. They are cast in a tone of familiarity, and thus, even though no words are spoken, even though many are only briefly on screen, a sense of community is evoked. That feeling brings a sting to my eyes and an intense yearning that I can almost not bear."
This will be a high-definition screening.

THE VELVET UNDERGOUND AND NICO  Directed by Andy Warhol 67 minutes Soundtrack by VU

This is basically the only recorded document of a Velvet Underground performance. Don't expect a typical concert flick, but instead an hour-long "Symphony of Sound" as Andy Warhol experiments with the camera. Warhol recorded this session at the Factory loft, 231 East 47th St., New York City. There are a few conversations, but the film is mostly an improvised psychedelic blast-off, with searing guitars and electric violin. You can read this film and its music as the visceral birth-cry of indie rock. The flick is really a 'jam session' in that the camera is playing around as much as the musicians, creating an entire experience. There is a really nice part when the neighbors call the cops; when the Blue Meanies show up, the music suddenly mellows down. Featuring John Cale, Gerard Malanga, Sterling Morrison, Lou Reed, Nico and her son Ari.

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Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 - 20:30


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