The Thomas Crown Affair

Tuesday 13 February

The Thomas Crown Affair

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THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR   1968. Directed by Norman Jewison. 102 minutes. In English.

Here is a highly-stylized flick, but with an gleaming edge that could only be captured in the 60s. It stars Steve McQueen and 27-year old Faye Dunaway in a cat-and-mouse game that plays out across a world of big money and jet-set lifestyles. Yes, it is a heist flick about the perfect crime, but those viewers who can only get turned on by high-speed car-chases would do better to look elsewhere... this movie is actually about fever-pitched sensuality and sexual tension. The beauty is in its playfulness.

This could have been just another film about rich people, but it is also about the hollowness of that lifestyle. In the 60s, cinema was much more free than any other decade, and in this case the split-screen experiments make this a movie crucial to be experienced on on a big screen, it simply won't work on any other smaller format. The acting sizzles with a steam that is both icy and red-hot. Steve McQueen gives one of the best portrayals of a psychopath ever, in fact, he plays one of the most tragically common kinds of madness: he's a financial psychopath. Faye Dunaway said in an interview about working with McQueen, "We had the most magical spark. Our hearts and souls combined. There was no romance off screen but on screen it was like a smack."

The entire narrative unravels to the tune of one of the most famous theme songs in the history of cinema, penned by French composer Michel Legrand. Inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock and the French New Wave, the mood of this film is elegant, swift, witty and unusual. Very '60s in a 'cool' way, complete with a dreamy soundtrack. Yeah, they remade this one too, but it doesn't even come close to the original.

This will be a high-definition screening.

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Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 - 20:30


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Filmhuis Cavia
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Go through the gate. Cavia is on the right hand side, above Xena Sports. Take the stairs.

Filmhuis Cavia is a counterculture cinema, founded in 1983 by a squatters movement, which programs films you aren't likely to see anywhere else.


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